Archaeological objects

Archaeological objects and places

On the territory of the Municipality of Bansko more than 100 archaeological finds of different historical epochs were discovered proving for its settlement dating from far-off antiquity, including on the land of the town of Bansko – 32, town of Dobrinishte – 15, village of Obidim – 10, village of Kremen – 5, village of Gostun – 9, village of Osenovo – 3 and village of Filipovo – 4.
Extremely attractive as a tourist attraction and comparably easy accessible with a possibility for joining in combined tours are the following archaeological monuments:

Archaeological complex in the Saint Nikola place
Ruins of a Thracian fortress, Thracian hills and Christian basilica.
Archaeological excavations were started in 2008 г.

(2 h. walking tour)

Ancient fortress in the Iulen place
The fortress established before the Roman epoch with estimated sizes - length of 100 m and width of 30-40 m.
At present there are preserved ruins of wall on the north side and scanty fragments of hand-made dishes.

(2 h walking tour)
Late ancient of fortress Stana /Sitan/ kale in the Kalyata place.
Historical place with protected area of 0.5 ha. The fortress is probably from the epoch of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Ruins of a fortress wall with thickness of 1.5 m can be clearly seen, Roman coins are founded and in the foothills of the fortress - Thracian necropolis.

(2 h. walking tour)

Early Christian and mediaeval basilica with necropolis in the Shipotsko place
Ruins of church dating from the end of IV - beginning of V century, necropolis with over 150 graves.
Decorations, coins, Byzantine glass, coins /III-IV century/

(1 h. walking tour)


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